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Relocate to the USA as a person with an extraordinary ability

Upgrade your professional profile

More than 100 people have already relocated to the USA and landed jobs with our help.

This process is for those who:

  • want to relocate to the USA
  • choose a better life for themselves and their children
  • want to make more than $250,000 year income
  • build her/his personal brand and boost your extraordinary abilities 
  • land a dream job in FAANG in Silicon Valley



There are no requirements for educational background. However, It would be much easier for PhD and PDD people to relocate and land a job in the USA.

Software engineers, Developers, Designers

Relocation with the best work visa for all IT professionals. It gives the employee maximum freedom and work opportunities.


An excellent option for relocating your startup or starting a business in the USA. You can move with all your team and co-founders.

Apply for O-1 visa become an expert with an extraordinary ability

  • develop your extraordinary ability
  • collect the evidence of your uniqueness
  • accelerate your personal brand
  • make valuable contributions to your professional field

Why O-1?

The O1 visa is the best choice for developers, designers, entrepreneurs, investors, and other IT experts who have chosen the USA for relocation and running a business.

O-1 benefits

  • A work permit and residence for 3 yrs.
  • Unlimited extension and an easier application process for the Green Card
  • Premium processing: get approval in just 15 days
  • You are a person of extraordinary abilities
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conversion to a Green card

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cheaper than with lawyers



We help you to apply for an O-1 visa without lawyers .
You will get approval just in 2 weeks after the application is submitted (US premium processing)


Don’t you have enough evidence to meet the O-1 visa requirements?
Here comes a 3-months program of compiling evidence and docs for the O-1 visa application.

acceleration program The O1 visa program helps you to:

  • choose the right field to prove your extraordinary abilities
  • build your personal brand and boost your extraordinary abilities (key evidence for the O1 visa and business)
  • compile the supporting evidence in accordance with 8 criteria of the O-1
  • work on publications
  • write recommendation\support\reference letters
  • get an advisory opinion
  • get essential information about lawyers and attorneys work and responsibilities
  • find a petitioner and make an agreement

MEET our additional materials

THE O-1 Visa Guide

The guide has been created by O-1 experts.

Dive into the world of O visas, and get an essential roadmap on how to relocate to the USA.




O-1&EB1 visa holders

We are entrepreneurs and professionals who have extensive connections with the startup community in Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area)*

*EB1 – Green Card (National Interest Waiver)
The National Interest Waiver allows applicants to avoid the labor certification process by proving that it is in the best interests of the United States to waive away that process.



Tanya Isayeva

CEO, co-founder

Hi! I am Tatyana and I am an Individual with an Extraordinary Ability in the education field.

Being a serial entrepreneur, I live in San Francisco now.
Also, I am a CEO and founder of the TRINITY Education Group international exam preparation center, an education expert, a recipient of a prestigious grant from the International Organization for Migration, and an co-author of popular IELTS study guides.
My LinkedIn

Alex Romanenko

CMO, co-founder

Hey, I’m an O-1 Visa holder for Individuals with Extraordinary Ability and an EB-1 holder.

A hardware engineer and serial entrepreneur from San Francisco, USA. I am a founder of 2 companies in Russia/China (manufacturing in China) and 1 company in the USA (helping IT specialists in collecting the O-1 visa documents according to the ISA (income share agreement) model. Happy to meet you all.

Our advisers and trackers are leading professionals from FAANG and other startups. Among them are a Google Talent Advocate, managers, developers and engineers from Netflix and Amazon.

Our team shares cutting edge knowledge from the top tier USA companies.

Adviser | Tracker

Tathagata Chattopadhyay

Adviser | Tracker

Vikas Aggarwal

 Adviser ┃Tracker

Anastasiia Havelia

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