US working visas for IT specialists

So you wanna move to the U.S. as an IT specialist? Cool, cool. Well, there are a few different visas you can look into:

H-1B visa: This one is for people with specialized skills, like in tech or engineering. Your employer has to sponsor you, and you gotta have a degree or equivalent experience.

L-1B visa: If you already work for a company outside the U.S. and want to transfer to a related company in the U.S., this visa might be for you. You gotta have specialized knowledge or skills, and you gotta have worked for the foreign company for at least a year.

O-1 visa: This visa is for people who are basically the best of the best in their field. You gotta have major awards or achievements to prove your extraordinary ability in things like science, IT, arts, or sports. If you get approved, the visa is good for up to three years but can be extended unlimited times. Your spouse and kids under 21 can come with you on an O3 visa, but they can’t work in the U.S. To apply, you gotta fill out a petition and show proof of your amazingness.


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