What should you not do during a U.S. visa interview?

Now, here’s what you definitely don’t want to do during a visa interview:

Don’t fib: Lying or providing false information can get you into hot water. If you’re caught, you could be denied a visa and banned from applying for future visas.

Keep your cool: Being hostile or confrontational won’t do you any favors.

Watch your language: Making discriminatory or prejudiced comments is a no-no. This includes comments based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and other protected characteristics.

Respect the U.S.: Insulting the U.S. government or visa officer won’t help your case. Plus, it’s just not very nice.

Keep your hands to yourself: Threatening behavior or threatening the visa officer is never okay.

In short, be honest and professional during the interview, answer the visa officer’s questions clearly and concisely, and you’ll be on your way to a successful visa approval! And, did you know that U.S. visa interviews usually only last about 10-15 minutes? That’s not too long to make a good impression!

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