Is it possible to get an H1B visa without high education?

It is possible to obtain an H1B visa without a high level of education, but it can be more challenging. The H1B visa is intended for individuals who will be working in a “specialty occupation,” which typically requires at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a related field. However, an applicant who has a combination of education and experience that is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree may also qualify.

For instance, an individual with a high school diploma or equivalent who has several years of relevant work experience in a field that typically requires a bachelor’s degree may still be able to qualify for an H1B visa. Additionally, some jobs that may not require a degree can still qualify for H1B visa, for example, fashion model or chef, which are considered specialty occupation.

It’s important to note that the H1B visa selection process is done through a lottery and the demand for H1B visa exceeds the number of visas available each year, making it difficult to get it. 

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