If I got an O-1 visa, would my spouse and children relocate with me?

If you have been granted an O-1 visa, your spouse and unmarried minor children may accompany you to the United States while you hold O-1 status. They will be able to enter the United States on an O-3 dependent visa.

Your spouse and children will not be able to work while in the United States on an O-3 visa, but they may attend school or college. They will have the same period of stay as the O-1 visa holder, and they are eligible to apply for an extension of stay if the O-1 visa holder’s status is extended.

It is important to note that your dependents will need to apply separately for the O-3 visa and will also need to meet certain requirements, such as providing proof of relationship to the O-1 visa holder and obtaining police certificates from any country where they have lived for 6 months or more since age 16.

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